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We are the 1st agency in the state of Montana. We are your matriarch agency to go to!!!


Access to local agent

Experienced agent willing to work with you on a local level. Proven results on projects within Billings and Montana!!!

Spend funds wisely


If you are planning to attend a modeling convention, (IMTA) to move to a larger market, we have the best prices to see the best agents in the entertainment industry!!!



We have over a decade and a half of connecting models & talent to larger markets and successes!!!

If you have a dream, we have your connection !!! Nothing should stop you from reaching for the stars!!!

- Karla Johnson -

#1 Agency in Montana!!!

What We Do

Creative World has been connecting models & talent to the entertainment industry for almost four decades!!!

Connect to top agents

We can help you connect to the top agent that will best fit your experience and goals !!!

Acquire Local Experience

Local experience can help prepare you for the larger markets !!! It can also assist with building your resume and portfolio!!!

Fulfill your passion!!!

Regardless of age or disability, if you have a passion for the entertainment industry, you need to go forward with that dream!!!

Overview of some projects

Events and projects

Some of the events and projects our models & talent has recently produced!!!

Success Stories


Our Creative World Team

Experienced, professional agent

Karla Johnson


Karla Johnson is the owner/manager of Creative World Model & Talent. She has been connecting models & talent for over a decade and a half to local, regional, national & international markets. I am always ready to help you fulfill your dreams!!!

Are you the next star?


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